Our Services

Code Evaluation

Professional Engineer sealed Building Code compliance evaluations of building materials, designs and installations.

Design & Inspection

Engineering design and field inspections for architectural components, integrating the building envelope, structure and fire protection systems.

Research & Testing

Innovative product testing programs in support of gaining certifications such as ICC-ES, CCMC, UL, CSA, Intertek, QAI and more.

Building Envelope

Evaluations of roofing, siding, water resistive barriers, windows, doors, insulation and air barriers.

Structural Components

Evaluations of roofing and wall system attachments, guardrails, hangers, fasteners, engineered woods, and plastic composites.

Fire Resistance

Evaluations of rated wall and floor/ceiling assemblies, penetrations, rated roof assemblies, non-combustible construction, and flammability of materials.

Our Story

Our Story

Intrigued with the wonders of science and art captured in historic and modern architecture, founder Chris Bowness, P.Eng., P.E., a veteran engineer in the construction field, has tested thousands of construction materials and designs to the limits by sparking fires, explosions, hurricanes, and earthquakes in laboratories around the world. Using this valuable research data in everyday construction application projects, his experience leads Boca Engineering to deliver quality evaluations that bring the rewards of building safety, comfort, and environmental consciousness to life. Read More...