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Adept at all phases of building construction

With over 40 years of history, BOCA Engineering Co. | SPAR Consultants has a track record of excellence in the residential & commercial building space. Completed projects include structural design of new construction and structural alterations of concrete, steel, and wood frame buildings for a wide range of uses, including: Residential, Multi-Family, Schools, Hospitals, Retail, Office, Government, Mixed-Use.

Collaborating with architects and builders, BOCA-SPAR provides a full service that includes the primary structure, and structural design and seismic review of architectural, mechanical and electrical components for Tenant Improvements. Services consist of shop drawings, structural plans for permitting, field evaluations & seismic schedules. 

  • Building foundation and frame
  • Exterior wall and roof cladding
  • Light-gauge steel framing and ceiling systems 
  • Guardrails and decking 
  • HVAC, tanks, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and lighting

Reach out to learn more about how we can help you in your building and secondary components projects. 


Product Evaluation

Technical documentation packages with the necessary engineering, testing, certifications and regulatory approvals for bringing structural products to market.

Insurance, Forensics, Restoration​

Assessment reports and structural repairs design for buildings and other structures damaged by fire, wind, water, and impacts.

Special (Non-Building) Structures​

Structural design and testing of special (non-building) structures including bridges, retaining walls, free standing equipment, and government infrastructure.