Product Evaluation

Engineering, Testing, Certification and Code Evaluation

We develop technical guide documents of building components for use by architectural and structural designers, regulatory officials, and builders. Reports clearly identify the applicable Code requirements, compliance analysis, materials properties, pre-engineered tables and diagrams to apply at the design, plan review, and construction phases. With professional engineering licenses across numerous Canadian and US jurisdictions, our reach extends nationwide. Design evaluation and code compliance report publications to:

  • National Building Code of Canada, and BC, Alberta and Ontario provincial Codes
  • International Building Code, California and Florida state Codes
  • Florida Building Code Evaluation and Validation per Rule 61G20-3 – Product Approval

Testing & Regulatory Approvals

As a key consultant to building product manufacturers, we prepare a concise, understandable technical documentation package with the necessary regulatory approvals for their market.

  • Consulting for building product manufacturers through Product Testing, Inspection, Third-party Certification and Code Evaluation Reports.
  • Obtaining and maintaining product certifications and regulatory approvals with accredited agencies such as ICC-ES, CCMC, UL, CSA, Florida Building Commission, Miami-Dade, Cal-Fire, LA City, Intertek, QAI.
  • Working with a network of international laboratories, our expertise is in testing systems for Structural Loading, Wind Pressure, Dynamic Wind-Rain, Fire-Resistance, Seismic, Hurricane and Wild Fire exposure.


Building Construction​

Structural design of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. New Construction, renovations, primary structure and components.

Insurance, Forensics, Restoration​

Assessment reports and structural repairs design for buildings and other structures damaged by fire, wind, water, and impacts.

Special (Non-Building) Structures​

Structural design and testing of special (non-building) structures including bridges, retaining walls, free standing equipment, and government infrastructure.