Our Story


Intrigued with the intersection between science and architecture, our team has tested thousands of construction materials and designs, pushing them to the limits by sparking fires, explosions, hurricanes, and earthquakes in laboratories around the world. Using this valuable research data in everyday construction application projects, Boca Engineering Co. delivers quality building designs and product evaluations that bring the rewards of safety, comfort, and environmental consciousness to the end-user.

Boca Engineering Co. established in 2014 as part of the Boca Building Group. From 2005 – 2016, Boca Group completed over 40 design-build construction projects of residential and small commercial buildings with a then in-house construction management division. From 2016 forward, Boca Group trained it’s operational focus exclusively on structural engineering design and consulting by Boca Engineering Co. 

Boca Engineering Co. has grown to serve the building industry in all Canadian Provinces, and the US from coast to coast. In 2016, with a move towards expanding services and regions, BOCA made the acquisition of SPAR Consultants, a west-coast based structural engineering firm in operation since 1980. This propelled Boca’s service offerings in the area of structural building design. Boca has kept the SPAR name and operations alive working in the same office space as one. See www.sparbc.ca for the history and project portfolios of SPAR.

A passion project of Chris Bowness, P.Eng., P.E., principal engineer of Boca Engineering Co., our company specializes in the structural, building exterior, and fire resistance performance of building materials, assemblies, and designs.

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