STRUCTURAL: Plans, Assessments, Reports

Construction industry engineering services specialists in the areas of:

Structural Engineering Design

Structural design of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. New Construction, renovations, primary structure and components.

Product Evaluation

Technical documentation packages with the necessary engineering, testing, certifications and regulatory approvals for bringing structural products to market.

Insurance, Forensics, Restoration

Assessment reports and structural repairs design for buildings and other structures damaged by fire, wind, water, and impacts.

Special (Non-Building) Structures

Structural design and testing of special (non-building) structures including bridges, retaining walls, free standing equipment, and government infrastructure.

Bringing Personalized Service with Extensive Experience

Intrigued with the intersection between science and architecture, our team has tested thousands of construction materials and designs, pushing them to the limits by sparking fires, explosions, hurricanes, and earthquakes in laboratories around the world. Using this valuable research data in everyday construction application projects, Boca Engineering Co. delivers quality building designs and product evaluations that bring the rewards of safety, comfort, and environmental consciousness to the end user. Read More…

Count on BOCA SPAR

Devoted to meeting design criteria, construction standards and codes, Boca Engineering Co. | SPAR Consultants ensure efficiency throughout the engineering design and construction review phases. Call or email us with any structural application questions, and we’ll look forward to discuss how BOCA Engineering can help deliver premium results.

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